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Wellness & Performance Center

Hours of Operation:

Wellness & Performance 

Wellness & Performance 

Monday.                             9 AM - 7 PM        

Tuesday                              8 AM - 7 PM 
Wednesday                       1 PM - 7 PM       
Thursday                            8 AM - 7 PM 

Friday                                  7 AM - 12 PM






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Proactive Healthcare


At Metro-Strength Performance Rehab we believe that movement is the key to preventing many chronic injuries and diseases. We will always encourage active participation in exercise, even as you are going through your rehabilitation process with us. 


We are focused on proactive healthcare, we encourage our clients to build a relationship with us prior to being in pain. This will allow for us to truly understand their body to keep them out of pain, or if an injury were to happen, we can help alleviate that pain even faster.


We truly believe that client education is just as important as what we can physically do for our clients. We pride ourselves on educating you to the MAX about your current situation so that you feel empowered and can advocate for yourself in the future!



4 stages to healthy movement

Recovering From an Injury Requires a Set Plan


Physical Therapy

1-on-1 Performance based Physical Therapy. We will decrease your pain & discomfort, find & fix the root cause of your pain by analyzing the movement of your entire body to find all possible contributing factors to your pain. The next step is to rebuild any damaged tissues and improve your tolerance to previously painful movements. Throughout the entire process you will learn about your condition and how to stay healthy. We will teach you the importance of proactive self-care and help you establish a plan to decrease your risk for injuries in the future. Upon discharge you will feel great!


*No prescription needed for 10 visits or 21 days, on average our clients are out of pain within 2-6 visits!

*Don't wait to see your doctor and then wait to be seen by a therapist, get back to your life faster with us!




Health & Wellness

The 4th step to our "Road to Recovery" (See above) is Proactive Self-Care. Taking care of your body before/after an injury occurs is important. Our Health & Wellness services are for individuals who take their health seriously and want to prevent any chronic aches from turning into injuries. Our wellness services include:

     - Soft-tissue recovery work

     - Dry needling

     - IASTM (Muscle scraping) 

     - Cupping

     - Stretching

     - Programming

     - Massage


*No prescription needed, all are welcome*

*We prefer this be the first step in order to avoid the "Road to Recovery" all together!




Personal Training

Dr. Faunt PT, DPT, CDN is also a certified trainer with years of experience competing in athletics. From baseball to competing in Strongman competitions and training in various forms of exercise including but not limited to: Strongman, powerlifting, CrossFit, running, cycling, mountain bike riding and more! He understands what it takes to get stronger and stay injury free, if you want the best, look no further!

  • Weightlifting Foundations
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Chronic Pain Management Training
  • Agility Training
  • ​Balance Training
  • Weightloss Training
  • Strength Training 
  • Assistance with Endurance Preparation


*Contact us for more specific information for you or a loved one.


Sports Performance

Providing our clients with a competitive advantage is our speciality. All athletes who participate in a sport including soccer, football, baseball, swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, weightlifting, CrossFit, etc. will benefit from these services. Our sports performance services include:

     - Speed/agility testing & programming

     - Strength testing & programming

     - Weightlifting performance assessment

     - Sport specific strength & conditioning

     - Soft-tissue recovery

     - Improving mobility & stability

Other Services:

  • Photobiomodulation (Red Light Therapy) - Learn More
  • Dry Needling, Cupping, Instrument Assisted Soft-tissue manipulation
  • Nutritional services- Coming soon
  • Group Classes

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